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Read the following reading and identify the reported speech found in each sentence. Then write all the reported speech that you could identify in the comment section so that we can evaluate you.

Title: A Fun Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, I went to the zoo with my family. I had conversations with the caretakers, and here are a few things they said:

One caretaker told me, "Don't get too close to the lions, they might get nervous." I told my mom, "The caretaker said not to get too close to the lions because they might get nervous."

Then, I heard someone say, "I love giraffes! They have really long necks." Excitedly, I told my brother, "I heard someone say they love giraffes because they have really long necks."

At the zoo, I also watched a bird show. A trainer asked, "Can anyone imitate the sound of a parrot?" My dad raised his hand and said, "I can imitate the sound of a parrot." Later, I told my friends, "During the bird show, a trainer asked if anyone could imitate the sound of a parrot, and my dad said he could."

I had an unforgettable day at the zoo and shared my experiences and conversations with my family and friends using reported speech.


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