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It is important to remember that the most important skill in learning this language is speaking. If you only strengthen your grammar, reading, writing and vocabulary, you will not build your confidence when it comes to speaking.

Most of the students forget about this skill, that's why they usually understand when they are spoken to, but they don't know how to respond in English. 

For this reason, we have created this strategy to help you express yourself in English.

This is what you have to do to practice your speaking:

1. Practice the pronunciation of these sentences.

  • Active: She bakes a cake.
  • Passive: A cake is baked by her.
  • Active:  They painted the walls blue.
  • Passive: The walls were painted blue by them.
  • Active:  He teaches English at the school.
  • Passive: English is taught at the school by him.
  • Active:  We are cleaning the house.
  • Passive: The house is being cleaned by us.
  • Active:  The dog chases the cat.
  • Passive: The cat is chased by the dog.

  • Active:  They are fixing the car.
  • Passive: The car is being fixed by them.
  • Active:  She wrote a letter to her friend.
  • Passive: A letter was written to her friend by her.

2. Follow the instructions to record a voice memo in Vocaroo.

After you have clicked on this link:

Press the button to start recording

Here you can pause or end the recording

Once the recording is finished, save and copy the link

Click to copy link

And finally , when you have recorded the voice note with the personal pronouns, paste the link in the chat that is in the lower right so that we can follow up and help you with your pronunciation. 

Remember that every comment counts. Go ahead and leave us your impressions and enrich the community with your participation!

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