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Lee la siguiente lectura e identifica los verbos que se encuentran en cada oración. Recuerda que los verbos se encuentran después de un pronombre. Luego escribe todos los verbos que pudiste identificar en la sección de comentario para que podamos evaluarte.

Title: My Daily Routine

I wake up early in the morning. The alarm clock rings, and I get out of bed. 

I brush my teeth and take a refreshing shower. Then, I get dressed and have a delicious breakfast.

I go to work or school. I walk or take the bus, depending on the distance.

At work, I complete my tasks and collaborate with my colleagues. We work together as a team.

In the afternoon, I have lunch and take a short break. I enjoy my meal and relax for a while.

After work, I usually go to the gym. I exercise and stay active to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the evening, I have dinner with my family or friends. We share stories and laugh together.

Before bedtime, I read a book or watch a TV show. It helps me unwind and relax.

Finally, I go to sleep and get ready for another day.

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